What’s New?

2016 Annual Enrollment Period

It's time to enroll in your benefits. Enrollment dates are:

Watch your mail for your 2017 benefits decision guide.



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ALEX, your online ParTNers for Health benefits expert can help you choose which insurance option may work best for you.

ALEX for State and Higher Education Employees

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What's Important for 2017?

Your health insurance options, benefits and costs have changed.  Please review your health options and benefits information carefully.

State Employee Disability Insurance Update — September 21, 2016

The short-term and long-term disability insurance enrollment has been delayed for one year. Enrollment for short-term and long-term disability will be in October 2017 for benefits beginning January 1, 2018.

Higher Education Disability Insurance Update — September 21, 2016

Higher education will continue to offer long-term disability insurance in 2017 through their current vendor. Higher education employees will be able to enroll in short-term disability insurance in October 2017 for benefits beginning January 1, 2018.

UT and TBR Human Resources staff will provide information about enrollment to their employees.

Health insurance option change

Due to federal rule changes, all members can enroll or switch to any health plan available to them, even if they did not complete the Partnership Promise. Visit the health option page to learn more.

Partnership Promise coaching change

In 2017, only members in disease management or case management will be required to participate in a coaching program. Lifestyle management coaching will not be required, but you can voluntarily participate. Visit the coaching page to learn more.

Health insurance network choices

For 2017, you will have the choice between three network options. You choose one:

Visit the health insurance carrier page to learn more.

Flexible Benefits Plan (state and higher education employees only)

Flexible spending accounts will be offered and administered by PayFlex and Benefits Administration, NOT by Treasury. Visit the flexible benefits page to learn more.

Employee webinars

Want to learn more about the HealthSavings CDHP? You can join an employee benefits webinar on the following dates and times. 

State and higher education employee benefits webinars:

Local education and local government employee benefits webinars:

To participate in the webinar: stateoftn.centurylinkccc.com/CenturylinkWeb/BAmeeting

No registration necessary. Click on the link above, enter your first name, last name and email address and click join meeting. If the program asks for a password, click "continue as a guest."

For audio: The system can call you back directly, or you can call the conference line number at 877.820.7831. The participant code is 217506#.

NOTE: You will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, so please make sure your player works prior to your scheduled call: get.adobe.com/flashplayer/





IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE: The State Group Insurance Program is prohibited from giving your protected health information to your employer or any person or entity not authorized by law. Personal health information is protected under federal and state law and is released to State Group Insurance Program business partners in order to assist members with managing their health care needs, health plan operations and as authorized by law. As required by federal law, the State Group Insurance Program has agreements with our business partners that protect personal health information. More details about the privacy of Protected Health Information under federal law are available at www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/.

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