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Online Well-Being Assessment

2017 new hires and/or newly covered members enrolled in the Partnership Promise PPO or Promise HealthSavings CDHP: Click here to print a handout to help you keep track of your requirements and when you must complete them.

The online Well-Being Assessment (WBA) summarizes your overall health and offers steps you can take to improve. By completing the confidential online assessment, you will learn more about how your lifestyle habits affect your overall well-being.

How to complete the WBA:

When you return to the website the next day, you will need to sign in with your Well-Being Account username and password to view your results, create your personal Well-Being Plan and access all of the tools and resources on Well-Being Connect. Remember, you cannot access the tools and resources without first completing your Well-Being Plan.

If you have questions about the WBA, you can call Healthways at 888.741.3390, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central time or email partnersforhealthtn@healthways.com.